SmartPhone/Tablets (Mobile Apps.)
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You will need to have a Mobile Smartphone/Tablet with internet

You can talk Text Chat & make Video Calls for Free to other Parrot Phone Network users worldwide.

This option works for all countries.

  • 1.    Signup & dial access no. to start calling or Proceed to optional steps below
  • 2.    Download App. into your Mobile Smartphone/Tablet
  • 3.    Activate App. with the Phone no. & password you signed up with to start calling
  • The Calling methods available on the apps are Voip & Callthrough
  • If your internet (3g, 4g or wifi) is unstable please use Callthrough for clear calls
  • If your internet is behind a tough firewall or if in a Country/ISP that blocks Voip. Please ensure that you download your app version for Blocked Countries/Firewall
Pinless Calling
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This is an advanced type of a calling card that does not require you to remember or dial long pins. It does not require Internet. All you need is a Mobile or land phone.

  • Signup
  • Dial Access number
  • Start calling
Your country must be listed in our access number page to do Pinless calling.
Computer Phone
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This is a computer software that turns your computer to a place for making extreemly cheap international calls. You will need a reliable internet service to use this.

  • Signup
  • Download our Computer Software
  • Activate software using the number and password that you used on signup and start calling
Online Phone
Call From Web Browser

This option allows you to place calls via your web browser eg Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Windows explorer etc. No software download is required. However if you are behind a strong firewall you are advised to download our computer software or call using other options.

  • Signup
  • Click on this Online phone button to open browser login
  • Input your Number and password that you used on signup to start calling
Call from any phone, Computer or Tablet   Communicate without worry about Phone bills   Free Text       Free Phone Calls    Free Video Calls    Cheap SMS    Cheap International Calls   Start with as little as $5    Signup and make a Free Call right now
See how little it cost to make international calls with parrot phone
Compare and Start Saving on International Calls
Top Destinations

Parrot Phone Network

1.9 ¢/min
2.6 ¢/min
2.0 ¢/min
3.8 ¢/min
4.9 ¢/min
1 ¢/min
2.6 ¢/min
1.5 ¢/min
1.85 ¢/min
10.6 ¢/min
2.49 ¢/min
4.6 ¢/min
26.3 ¢/min
15.9 ¢/min
22.7 ¢/min
34.5 ¢/min
23.9 ¢/min
1.4 ¢/min
26.4 ¢/min
1.9 ¢/min
3.7 ¢/min
8.6 ¢/min
6.9 ¢/min
9.6 ¢/min
22.8 ¢/min
10.9 ¢/min
1.0 ¢/min
2.6 ¢/min
1.0 ¢/min
16.9 ¢/min
43.9 ¢/min
39.9 ¢/min
South Africa
3.7 ¢/min
7.9 ¢/min
5.8 ¢/min
UK Landline
1.0 ¢/min
2.6 ¢/min
1.0 ¢/min
UK Mobile
5.8 ¢/min
29.8 ¢/min
14.9 ¢/min
United States
1.5 ¢/min
2.6 ¢/min
1.5 ¢/min
5.9 ¢/min
13.8 ¢/min
6.0 ¢/min
Why are people choosing Parrot Phone Network?
  • Over 90% savings on phone bills with lots of freebies
  • No Pins to remember, No connection fees & Very easy to use
  • No disappearing minutes like calling cards
  • Accounts don’t expire * No Hidden Charges *No Contracts
  • Every recharge you make is a ticket to win from a list of wonderful prices.
  • Free signup *Free trial call and Low start up & Multiple Usage Platforms
  • Pay as You Go or * Unlimited Monthly Plans
  • Virtual number, Incoming calls are free, Useable worldwide & no roaming fee.
  • Mobil Apps. Allowing you call to directly from your Phone Contacts
  • Video Conference/Conferencing Calls for Home/Business Executive meetings.
  • Business Opportunity to earn unbelievable revenue.
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Free Destination on Monthly Plan

(+mobile) Means mobile calls are also free in those destinations

Argentina Free*
Australia Free*
Austria Free*
Bahamas (+mobile) Free*
Bahrain Free*
Belgium Free*
Brazil Free*
Brazil (+mobile) Free*
Bulgaria Free*
Canada (+mobile) Free*
Chili Free*
China (+mobile) Free*
Colombia Free*
Croatia Free*
Cyprus Free*
Czech Republic Free*
Denmark Free*
Dominican Republic Free*
Estonia Free*
Finland Free*
France Free*
Georgia Free*
Germany Free*
Greece Free*
Guadalupe Free*
Guam (+mobile) Free*
HongKong (+mobile) Free*
Hungary Free*
Island Free*
India (+mobile) Free*
Iraq Free*
Ireland Free*
Israel Free*
Italy Free*
Japan Free*
Jordan Free*
Kenya Free*
Latvia Free*
Luxembourg Free*
Malaysia Free*
Malta Free*
Mexico [guadalajara] Free*
Mexico [mexico city] Free*
Monaco Free*
Netherlands Free*
New Zealand Free*
Norway Free*
Peru Free*
Poland Free*
Portugal Free*
Puerto Rico (+mobile) Free*
Romania Free*
Russia Free*
Singapore Free*
Slovak Republic Free*
Slovenia Free*
Spain Free*
San Marino (+mobile) Free*
Singapore (+mobile) Free*
Slovakia Free*
Slovenia Free*
South Africa Free*
South Korea Free*
Sweden Free*
Switzerland Free*
Taiwan Free*
Thailand (+mobile) Free*
Turkey Free*
United Kingdom Free*
United States (+mobile) Free*
US Virgin Island (+mobile) Free*
Venezuela Free*
Zambia Free*